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Hello RetroFIT Athletes,

It’s hard to believe it but the time is here all ready for another spring sports season.

For me it’s always an exciting time as we wrap up all of our pre season performance training and gear up to test ourselves to see that we are better than the year before.

For many of you that means its time for tryouts for your team.

With that in mind remind yourself how hard you’ve worked this pre season and remember that if you want something you need to continue to work hard to get it!

Here are three things for you to keep in mind as you attack this season.

1.    Be prepared!

– Get lots of rest the night before your tryout.

– Drink lots of water throughout the day. (.5 oz for every pound you weigh)

– Eat well this weekend and the days during your tryouts.

– Don’t skip Breakfast! A healthy breakfast is the best way to insure a successful day.

– Conversely, skipping or eating a poor breakfast can and will work against you immediately.

– Have all of your required gear. Do not be the one player who comes up to a coach without a glove or a mouthpiece.

– Manage your energy. It’s important to know when to spend it.

2.    Set Goals for Yourself

-What do you want to accomplish for the week?

– What do you see happening for both you and your team?

-Ask yourself, what do I have to do to make ALL THAT happen?

– Set expectations of yourself.

– Once you have a vision and a plan you can now move forward and just work the plan!

3. Focus on the Intangibles and Be Coachable!

Coaches know they can always improve a skill but its up to you to bring the rest.

– This will be demonstrated by your paying attention while coach is talking, working hard, hustling, especially from 1 drill to the next, and leaving everything On The Field!

– Always be a good listener with a contagious great attitude!

Most of all…be a solid TEAM player!

A Group effort is so much more effective than individual effort!

Good luck with tryouts and good luck this season!

Coach Billy and the RF training staff.


Good News!!-To make sure you keep improving RetroFIT will be available on Sunday’s throughout the season to help with your in season maintenance program. 

Call us at 3037583138 to make sure you keep your hard earned strength you’ve created the past few months.