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Lacrosse Season Is Under Way!

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello RetroFit Followers!

Lacrosse season has just started, which means that winter has passed with all the hard work that our athletes have put into their off season training. RetroFit was home to 6 HS Girls Lacrosse teams this past winter. Cherry Creek, Regis, Mullen, Colorado Academy, Kent Denver, and Thunder Ridge. We are so proud to be the go-to training facility for these girls and their schools. The teams focused on both strength as well as speed training. It is extremely important to incorporate both strength training and speed work in an off season training regimen since you cannot improve one without the other.

With hard work comes success, and a handful of our RetroFit athletes have accomplished phenomenal goals as a result of their training commitment.

The following girls have committed to playing college lacrosse:

Madison Khanna, Mullen – Johns Hopkins
Bryn Bandt-Law, Cherry Creek— Claremont McKenna
Mara Bandt-Law, Cherry Creek— Claremont McKenna
Cassidy Chaney, Cherry Creek— Navy
Molly Coates, Kent Denver— California-Berkeley
Molly Erdle, Mullen— Boston College
Anya Gersoff, Cherry Creek— Princeton
Meredith Micho, ThunderRidge— Duquesne
Lucy Mower, Kent Denver— Vermont
Emily Smith, Regis— Penn State
Lizzie Strazza, Kent Denver— Florida
Abby Szlachta, ThunderRidge— Davidson
Ella Stapp, Mullen – Colorado University
Erin Sungelo, Regis – Yale
Erin Schilmoeller – Oregon
Cathryn Blumhardt – Oregon
Courtney Gielow – California-Berkeley
Matt Jones – Denver University

Riley Harden, one of our male lacrosse athletes put on 15 pounds in his off season and made Varsity as a sophomore! Go Riley!!

Caroline Perry, a freshman at Cherry Creek, made Varsity! We are extremely proud of her and wish her the best of luck this season.

Our Middle School/Elementary School group made great strides this winter. The group grew to over 20 kids! They came from all backgrounds ranging from soccer, lacrosse, tennis, to field hockey. This was a great group full of energy and enthusiasm!

As we move into Spring, it is important to touch on the importance of an In Season training plan. The primary goal of an in-season training program is to continue to increase – or at least maintain – the power, strength and endurance you’ve worked so hard to achieve these past few months. Just as important is to minimize the detraining effect that typically takes place when athletes only practice and play games. This occurs because the body loses strength if it isn’t challenged above what it’s used to doing.

At RetroFit, our in-season routine focuses on maintenance of strength, active recovery through foam rolling and flexibility. It is not meant to break you down or make you overly tired, consider it a boost! If you’re interested in signing up, feel free to call us at 303-758-3138 for more information on times and pricing!

Once again, we’d like to thank all of our winter athletes for their hard work and dedication to training. We wish them the best of luck and are extremely excited to see them on the field doing what they do best!


The RetroFIT Staff