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21 Days of Fitness!

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Two month’s ago our “Back to School Back in Shape” was a HUGE hit and we had lots of people who wanted to do it but couldn’t because we filled up so quickly…..
Soooo…. we decided to offer something very similar this month….

Boot camp seems to be the easiest way that people can train with one of our trainers, get there, get in a quick and effective workout and get the heck out of there so they can get on with their day.
Because of this, for our next phase of boot camp (starting December 3rd) we will be running a Drop a Dress (or pant) Size in 21-Days promotion for the first 10 new incoming campers. (New is a camper that hasn’t been a past member or been to our trial before)
For the session starting December 3rd, the first 10 new campers that register will get: (more…)