RetroFit Classes!

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Class Schedules, News, Uncategorized

LaxFIT Boot Camp- 6 am tu/th

Start your day energized! This boot camp is especially for increasing fitness, agility and conditioning. It was initially designed for strengthening the skills and athletic strategies specific to lacrosse however it has evolved to reach athletes of ANY sport, at ANY level. This is THE camp for the recovering couch potato to the elite athlete. Billy has designed this boot camp to inspire and markedly increase your fitness level, whatever level it may be. Billy is gifted in his ability to combine exercises that applies to all fitness levels while making it fun and enjoyable. He is the master of bringing about positive changes with the least amount of discomfort, pain and suffering! LaxFIT Boot Camp is a great way to jump start your day, your metabolism, your game, your LIFE!

TuffChickFIT Boot Camp 9:30 tu/thu

Fun, Interactive classes designed to help you enjoy training while making new friends and getting fit without even noticing the work! TuffChicks are strong and powerful and they rally around the members of the class to spur each other on to achieving their next level of fitness. This class incorporates education regarding nutrition, strength and wellness. This class is inspiring for females of ages as the differences in “maturation” are bridged with inspiration, support and empowerment. This is MORE than just a fitness class it exemplifies the female spirit of connection and HARD WORK while gaining the wisdom and motivation of master trainer Billy Corbett. Billy has a gift of sculpting bodies and minds into powerful “vehicles” to transport you to the next level of personal success. Billy promotes this transformation in a fun, lively atmosphere. Who knew you could look this good and feel this good while having a great time (and suffering very little).


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