Peak Performance Workshops… at RetroFIT Training Center with World Class Life Coach Diana McNab (via Team RetroFit Blog)

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Fall Pricing Slash- Diana is really hoping to get her info out to as many young athletes as possible so we are charging $125.00 for all 5 sessions.

Wednesday Nights…7:30-8:30 PM 1. Oct.13/10….”The Parent’s Role in the Life of The Adolescent Athlete!” How to instill independence, values, goal-setting, time management, nutrition, sport/school/family and friends, mind/body game preparation and recovery, social life, toxins, etc. 2. Nov. 17/10…Peak Performance Play…learn your Mind/Body/Sport  Personality Type and how to get into the “Zone!” in Sports /School and Relationships!  ( 7:30-8:30 PM ) … Read More

via Team RetroFit Blog


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