Meet Liz Armstrong -Client of the month

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Client of the Month

Name: Liz Armstrong


Look at those arms on Army!


Hometown: New Orleans

Age: 50

Favorite Hobby: Volunteering for causes I really enjoy like (a) being parent chair at SMU where our kids go to school, (b) being a board member of the School of American Ballet in NYC and (c) any work involving our wine business, Epoch Estate Wines.

Biggest Fitness Accomplishment or Moment to date:  “There are several for me.  Learning how to eat a low carbohydrate diet is probably the biggest since I fought doing this for a very long time!  I eat a lot of salads now.  While traveling I’m more conscious of what I eat.  I am also able to see and feel real muscles for the first time.  And I am able to go hiking up hills without being winded.

Next Sporting/Fitness Goal: I’d like to lose a few more pounds and continue to build muscle definition…and to out-lift my husband!  I want to continue to look and feel confident while continuing to improve a lean physique and see more of the little muscles I never even knew I had before.  Billy knows I need new goals like Parent Weekend, NYC, Dallas, etc. to keep me motivated. He sends text messages reminding me to stand tall at events!

When did you start training? The day the iphone came out and it was my 47th birthday!

How many days a week are you training/exercising? I usually will average 3 days/week but that may fluctuate because I travel a lot.  Some times I’m good working out by myself and some times I’m not.  I have found that I’m at my best with Billy’s motivation!

Favorite RetroFIT drill: Lifting dumbbells so I don’t have “lunch lady” flabby arms (no offense to lunch ladies!).  I really love playing games. We play modified versions of outdoor sports like baseball, tennis, kickball, volleyball.  ~Anything fun!

Least Favorite RetroFIT drill: Running or anything monotonous like that ,however,Billy tricks me into running with games.

Training goals this year: My son was getting married this year and after a trip to Italy where I ate pizza every day (I’m not kidding you), Billy motivated me to have a goal to FEEL and look my best!  That was where he helped me get my diet in check with high protein,raw veggies, low carbs yet still allowing me one BIG cheat! We “have to” have a glass of wine since we have field research every night being proprietors of Epoch Wines. (  I fought changing my diet kicking and screaming but you know, Billy was right!

Explain your training experience: When I first came in I couldn’t even do a push-up without pain or complaining.  I was all about just staying thin and getting rid of flabby arms.  Now I want to stay lean and muscular.  I don’t just want to be thin because eating right and working out can make thin look even better.  My new motto is:  Only your personal trainer knows.  It used to be only your hair dresser knows.

How is the training going? Great!  Believe it or not it’s fun. Those who know me know If it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t be doing it.  Life is too short and there are a lot of ways to workout and to volunteer so it better be fun and I better be getting something out of it! 3 years later and we’re still having fun!

Words from Coach Billy:

Liz is one of those people who make’s it easy for me to love my profession. She had made an incredible transformation from the inside out. Her determination is undaunted and her conviction is strong so for her to BELIEVE what I was telling her was true took a huge leap of faith.

It worked and her mind and body continue to show the fruits of her labor.

  1. Marcee says:

    You ROCK, Liz! Congratulations on all your hard work @ RetroFIT, volunteering for all your cool organizations & creating fabulous wines! Cheers!

  2. kurt schwartz says:

    Good for Liz! I hear you on the carbs. They can catch up with you fast. I travel a lot as well and it is tough to mantain a good diet. Especially when clients want to go to certain places to eat.