Posted: October 7, 2010 in Client of the Month

Name: Missy Montag

After an intense workout Missy still smiles!

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio – Go Buckeyes!

Age: 46

Sports currently playing (if applicable): Ice Hockey – year ’round

Position: Forward

Favorite Hobby:  Fashion – love it!

Biggest Sporting or Fitness Accomplishment or greatest fitness

Moment to Date:
The daily affirmation of how much better my life is being extremely fit.

Next Sporting or Fitness goal: Brush my teeth with 20lb dumbbells.

Training Specifics
When did you start training with Billy? April 2009

How many days a week are you training? 3-4 with Billy and Jeff, 1-2 on my own.

Favorite RetroFIT drill : Burpees.

Least Favorite RetroFIT drill : Push-ups with bands.

Training goals this year: Push through my personal plateaus including strength, knee-strength, endurance, and weight loss.

Explain your exercise training experience prior to training at RetroFIT Training Center : I used to do mainly aerobic classes and running.

How is the training going now?  Billy continues to challenge me to become the most fit I can be both mentally and physically.

  1. billycorbett says:

    Missy has impressed the heck out of me! We had originally met while she was playing ice hockey and since then she has competed in softball and mens full contact lacrosse. She’s not afraid to experience life and that enjoyment is evident each week she shows up at 6 am!
    Missy you are an animal!