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Here are some ideas to make the most out of exercise for children.

The American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for exercise and children include:

Children should be involved in daily physical activity like walking or cycling around the neighborhood, performing household chores, or running errands.

Children should exercise three times a week for at least 20 minutes with activities that require moderate to vigorous levels of exertion, like brisk walking, stair-climbing, racquet sports, jogging, dance, swimming laps, skating, cross-country skiing or cycling.

For most children, it’s fine to do 15-20 minutes of resistance or strength training sessions twice a week using higher repetitions (25 reps) and lower resistance as long as there’s proper instruction and supervision.

Children should stretch on alternative days for 60 seconds each stretch.

Vary the activities to work different parts of the body.

Involve children in deciding what to do.