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Tip #1 Shift to a higher protein less Carbohydrate diet.

Go on and Fight it if you like but this IS what we are genetically most suited to do. Our modern diet has only been around for less than 10,000 years but we have been around much longer than that. Much longer than when agriculture became the source of our major fuel supply.

Your genes have been pre programmed for this kind of menu!

A calorie isn’t a calorie!

Certain foods have a higher caloric content than others while they are in the body. For example, if you take in a calorie of carbohydrate then you will burn1 calorie of carbohydrate. Protein takes more calories to burn and is therefore less efficient than carbohydrates. Carbs are the preferred fuel source in your body so if you are wanting to burn more fat then eat less carbs so that your body will switch to preferentially burning fat.

So, How much protein should you eat? Most people don’t eat enough protein so My good friend and world renowned fat loss expert Charles Poliquin,,puts it in an easy to understand formula…

“You take your bodyweight in kilos, you divide by atomic mass of the most common earth element of your place of birth, you multiply by the numeric value of your date of birth, condensed by using standard numerology, you divide by the square root of the age in days of when your first molar tooth appeared.”

What he really means is that you really need to start doing this stuff(eating)  by instinct and stop thinking of your mouth as a vacuum. Sure a good rule of thumb can be to eat 1 gram of protein per kg. of body weight but you should really learn what YOUR body needs and EAT when you’re hungry!

Try adding more of these popular choices to your breakfast lunch and dinner:

Fish and Shell Fish– By using different types of fish and shellfish as protein sources, you can add an incredible amount of variety a well as getting those valuable good fats. Here is just a partial list of fish to consider: salmon, tuna, haddock, flounder, mackerel, trout, snapper, sea bass, swordfish, mahi mahi, perch, orange roughy, marlin, sole, Halibut, herring cod and catfish.

Red Meat- Red meat is high in protein, B-12, iron and creatine. The problem with most cuts of red meat is the high fat content. However, not all cuts of red meat are the same. It’s a mistake to label the entire red meat category as a no-no because of high fat content.

Chicken Breast- We’re talking about the real bird and not the stuff that comes in packaging. Naturally, your poultry should be broiled, grilled, or roasted and not fried.

Eggs-Egg are right up there with chicken breasts as one of the top three lean proteins of choice for losing fat and gaining muscle. Eggs are a super-high quality protein.

Remember, I told you that IF you did just what I asked you WILL achieve your goals.


Watch ace trainer, mother and wife , Marcee Mygatt, as she demonstrates one of the workouts that has made her into a lean fitness machine.

Perform this circuit one exercise at a time. Perform the first exercise for :50 seconds and only take :10 seconds to move to the next exercise where you then perform that one for :50 seconds. Continue on through the entire circuit then repeat 3 more times without stopping. Your goal is to get as many reps in as possible within that work time.

Keep your water and towel close by!


1. Jump Squats with sky reach

2. Bear Crawl forward and backwards

3. Prone Cobra

4. Alternating lunges

Until next week,

Kick some butt!

Coach Billy