2 Weeks till Denver’s Lacrosse Combine!

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Combines, Sports
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Hey Laxer’s

Make sure you register for the lacrosse combine coming to Denver in 2 weeks (Sept. 19th).

What is the Lacrosse Combine?

This lacrosse-specific combine is good for girls and boys, grades 8-12.
It is designed with the input of college coaches.  Tests reveal lacrosse
athleticism and lacrosse skills.  In particular, things like shot speed,
clearing accuracy and shooting accuracy help coaches get a sense of all
position players’ stick skills.  High school and club coaches are
recommending the test to all players, since college coaches will be using
the scores to evaluate players’ on-field abilities, regardless of where on
the field they play.  Again, the tests were developed with the input of the
college coaches who were in need of such standardized and objective scores.

Can Goalie’s benefit from this combine?

While there are no specific tests for goalies, if the goalies are athletic
and have good stick skills, this is a great way to show their ability.  If
they are more of a stand-in-the-goal-and-hope-to-block-the-ball-type goalie,
then our testing is best used as a self-evaluative tool, to see where they
need to spend time and efforts training.  In that case, combine results can
be kept private for the athlete to see only.  While combine results go into
a combine profile on the website, athletes have the choice of making them
public for coaches to search or keeping them private for their own way of
tracking their progress.

How will this help my young High Schooler?

Going through the combine allows kids to see where they stand in relation to
national competition.  They get an indication of physical or technical areas
that need work. Or they get a sense of where they really excel.  College
coaches will use results in our national database to understand the
differences that come with regional stats.

Combine data also allows kids to create the most complete online recruiting
profiles around.

Register NOW- For more details and to register go to: http://nationallacrossecombine.com/CombineHome.php

See you on the field!

Coach Billy Corbett

RetroFIT Training Center



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