Sports Psychology Workshops for Girls!

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Exercise Programming, Sports
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Oct. 13th- For Parents.
“Self-Actualize;How to support your Young Athlete”- The role of parents in sports!!!
Nov. 17th- Peak Performance Play…..Learn the latest Sports Psychology Skills and Strategies for Peak Play! ( Pre-game Psyche Plan, Focus, concentration, getting into the zone, etc. )
Dec. 15th-The Sports Success Triangle…Nutrition, Conditioning, Mental Skills Training!
Jan. 12th- The Art of Mental Preparation….Visualization, Affirmations, Cue Words, Positive Self-Talk, Muscle Relaxation, Emotional Control, etc.
Feb.   9th Lacrosse 101….Pre-game preparation, recovering from mistakes, on field mental toughness strategies, the 24 hour rule of preparation!

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