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INCH BY INCH-making changes last!

This week I had an interesting conversation in one of my small group personal training sessions. It was a topic of conversation that I’ll bet many of you have thought at some time or another.  The topic came up about the process of making lasting change and how it is done, why is it too many people won’t even try to change and when they do attempt, why do they fail?

After lots of discussion I taught her about the philosophy of incremental change.

What is the discipline or philosophy that you live by? Are you successful? If so, why? If not, why not?

How do you even measure success? Is your definition your own or has society told you it is important to have money, houses, cars, career….stuff!

My discipline begins with daily prayer, appreciation and goal setting. Not a day goes by without me saying what I’m grateful ,appreciative of and what can I do to make ME better than I was yesterday.

Good health is always first on my list because if I’m not healthy and well or don’t live the life I profess then I’m not worth of coaching YOU in your success programs.

What’s the answer? It’s a lot easier than you think it is so when I tell you this bear in mind it comes from 30 yrs of experience.

The first part of this successful mindset is: Consistency. We’ve spoken about it before because it’s that important. NOW more than ever. With summer here and barbecues, vacations and parties in full swing NOW is not the time to forget or abandon your principles. NOW is no the time to “let go” and allow your health, fitness and physique to take backstage to chips, dips and other health destroying temptations.

Consistency is what creates the fabric of success for a lifetime. Ask any great coach, athlete, parent or businessperson and they will undoubtedly tell you the same thing. Their success DID NOT come from doing something once in a while. They didn’t become an overnight success “overnight”! They are successful because they do the small things right and they do it over and over.

Isn’t lasting change what we are all looking for? It can only come from consistency.

The second part of a successful mindset has to deal with the improving the overall quality of your life. That must begin with your beliefs and your standards you are choosing to live by.  Do you believe you can change and are you not willing to settle for the life you currently lead?

Do you realize 98% of people who try diets fail!

Why is that?

Fad diets that are claiming to lose so much weight in so little time (and keep it off) only end up setting you up for failure. Quick Fit programs that claim to get you “in shape” in a week only lead to false hope.

The fact is most people with the “New Year’s resolution” mind set actually lose ground between Jan 1 and Jan. 1 because they end up gaining, losing, gaining, losing and then rebounding to an even higher weight than where they were before. That’s gotta be frustrating!

For now on assume the success mindset. Once this occurs there’s only 1 result that can come from this commitment. That 1 result will be a major increase in the quality of of your life.

I can no longer deal with people saying “I CAN’T”! They set up limiting beliefs and then live by them only to wonder “what if… or  Someday I’ll…”! Tony Robbins once said” The road to someday leads to the town of Nowhere”! If that’s a trip you want to take then we need to talk. (303.378-1488)

I had a client and a dear friend name Jean. Those who knew her were truly inspired by her determination, humor and passion for life. When we began training Jean was at the ripe young age of 67. She had inflammatory arthritis and other ailments that made it difficult to move at times.

Jean completed her 1st triathlon at age 70 and her 2nd at 71! Jean never said, I can’t do that or I’m too old to do that. Her mindset said, “How can I?” It took nearly a year to train but step-by-step and inch-by-inch she made gradual but consistent improvements in her nutrition, fitness, spiritual and social life and ultimately improved the quality of her overall life.  Before Jean passed away she told me her big regret was that she couldn’t do more!

You don’t need to do a triathlon or other major fitness event in order to be successful (although if you do I’ll show you how you can).

However, if you’re not “successful” it’s probably because you haven’t set a high enough standard for yourself of what you will accept or you just don’t believe you can do it. Thankfully, your level of success will be reflective to your level of commitment to improving daily in all areas of your life.

Begin by setting a new standard and belief system and watch how the decisions YOU make ultimately create the actions YOU take. If you take a minute to think about it you will realize it’s all relative and OUR job is to do just a little better each time than you have done so far.

The biggest mistake is trying to do “it” all at once. Your brain won’t accept that option as one that feels good and will do all it can to say avoid the pain of that daunting task.

Of course, you’ll always be tweaking and improving the “program” as you move along otherwise life would get pretty boring.

So is there really a perfect system? Perhaps.

I don’t believe there is a “perfect system” of a “perfect formula,” that will take you to that magical day where you wake up and say, “It’s done! One thing I do know is that if you apply what ive told you and what all successful people have proven to be effective. You too will be a success!

Lasting change in your life is about making small changes in your lifestyle that will eventually lead to bigger changes and ultimately reaching your goal. The only time we’re truly happy is when we know we’re growing and we’re only going to grow when we know we’re improving. It’s when we’re making consistent improvement and you’re seeing progress then you can wake up and be excited!

It’s an evolving process.

So what can you do to better today than you did yesterday?